First Webinar Completed July 11, 2019

Our detailed overview webinar was conducted on July 11, 2019 from 2-3:30 EDT. It is archived under our Webinars tab (here) so folks can listen later at their convenience. We had 287 people from 62 different communities register for the webinar, 150 were logged on at the beginning, 147 watched and listened through the 45 minute presentation, and 88 remained connected throught the 45 minute Q&A. Needless to say we are quite pleased with this level of interest and we hope it signals that our project is perceived as valuable to a wide range of communities across the country. Register for our 2nd webinar, on Governance, here . That webinar will describe the local governance issues that we anticipate being most impactful, including: who should be considered a stakeholder, relations among the stakeholders, how to select the trusted broker, relations among the stakeholders and the trusted broker and the technical assistance team, and the essential roles of trust in collaborations like our model and processes envision and require.

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